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Teller tells Newsday He’s Working On it.

By Charlie Palmer, Candidate for Re-election as Trustee

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Maria Moore wants our Police Department to Gain Accreditation.

According to Newsday reporter, Will James, today  “Teller said an application for accreditation is underway, but it is not a pressing concern in a department staffed by 12 officers.”

The following was published in the Southampton Independent on May 12, 2010:

“The Westhampton Village Beach police department… is not accredited by New York State – a status that would decrease liability premiums and equate to saving for taxpayers…

Teller said the “time consuming” process began when he was the chief of police.  ‘They’re working on it and are close to completion of paperwork.’  ”  

Conrad Teller was the Westhampton Beach Chief of Police from 1990 to 1999.

In October of 2012, as a sitting Trustee of the Village, I obtained the rules and procedures adopted by the Village of Quogue that satisfy the requirements of accreditation.  The Quogue PD has 13 police officers and it is accredited.  I proposed that we renew (begin?) the process of gaining accreditation.  The Chief of the Quogue Police Department was very helpful.

Although I was working to get it done, the Mayor assigned it to Trustee Urban as “police liaison.”  Nothing has been done.   A police department can not function without proper rules and procedures.

24 Years since Conrad Teller became chief of police, and 8 since he was first elected Mayor… he isn’t kidding he thinks “that is not a pressing concern.”

Still, the Mayor tells people, he is working on it.

Charlie Palmer, Candidate for Re-election as Trustee

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