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A New Police Chief, Part III

A New Police Chief, Part I

A New Police Chief, Part II

By:  Progress for Westhampton Beach

On Tuesday, July 8th, the day after taking the oath of office, our new mayor wrote here that there would be no precipitous action taken to fill the post of chief of police that became vacant upon the retirement of the prior police chief.

The interlude between the prior chief and the next chief has been used by the Board of Trustees to evaluate the proper course of action.  This time has been a luxury provided by the continued good services of Lt. Trevor Gonce.

Lt. Gonce should be commended for his hard work.  He is a conscientious and dedicated officer, qualities that are appreciated today and will serve him and the village well in the future.

The Mayor has submitted a report that details the variety of considerations the Board reviewed in reaching the next step for police protection in our village. Continue reading A New Police Chief, Part III

Shellshocked The Movie

By:  Progress for WHB

On Sunday afternoon the Mayor attended a screening of Shellshocked presented at the Westhampton Beach Performing Art Center.  This documentary is a mixture of history lesson, biology instruction, a touch of water chemistry, and mostly an eye opener. The director of the movie, Emily Driscoll, was present and her enthusiasm for the subject was infectious.

For more information about Shellshocked the Movie see the website.

The Moriches Bay Project was instrumental in arranging the presentation at the P.A.C. and it has taken up the standard of working tirelessly to begin the restoration of our local marine waters.


The Cornell Cooperative Extension has been providing education and support for aquaculture and, like seed oysters, their ideas are taking hold here in Moriches Bay as they have been successfully for years in Peconic Bay.    For more information about how you can grow oysters  visit the Cornell Cooperative Extension website.