Why I’m Running for Mayor

This village is my home,  I love it.  I am running for Mayor because I think everyone, at sometime or another, should make a contribution.  We all have something to offer.

Change is always happening, it can be change for the better  or change for the worse.  Keeping the status quo in a changing world isn’t possible.  You are either in decline or you are improving.  I think we always have room to improve.

Yesterday, Charlie and I filed the nominating petitions for the Progress for WHB Party, along with our letters accepting the nomination for Mayor and Village Trustee.  While only 50 signatures are required to be placed on the ballot, we had 220 registered voters support our candidacies.

It is time for a Fresh Start.  I look forward to meeting you and talking with you about our most valuable asset, our community, our home.

Send me a message with any thoughts, concerns or questions.


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