Sept. 24, 2014

By:  Progress for WHB

The work session had an early start this week at 5:30 p.m. to accommodate religious observances that begin tonight.

The Work-Session-Agenda began with a review of the 2013-14 Financial Report for the village.  It was recommended that an Employee Benefit Accrued Liability Reserve Fund be established for designated funds that, to date, have carried over each year as part of the operating budget.  It is a change with no financial impact, but will be in accordance with generally accepted accounting principals applicable to municipalities.  See NY State Comptroller Local Government Management Guide:  Reserve Funds.

Trustee Urban inquired whether a “Litigation Reserve Fund” could be established.  An “Insurance Reserve Fund” can be created (same thing, different name). The amount paid into this reserve fund during any fiscal year may not exceed the greater of $33,000 or 5 percent of the total budget of the fiscal year. There is no limit on the cash balance.  See Insurance Reserve Fund Gen. Muncipal Law § 6-n.

Building Inspector, Paul Houlihan, continued his storm water mitigation report to the Board of Trustees and one particularly wakeful resident, and advised that full compliance with the DEC’s requirements will be accomplished by early next week.


The Trustees discussed the school speed zone on Mill Road and the incongruity between the restricted speed in the village (by local law 15 mph, but posted at 20 mph) and the Town of Southampton portion of the zone from Oneck Road west on Mill Road to the flashing signals almost to the crest of the hill which is posted at 20 mph.  Also mentioned were the zones at the front of the high school on Lilac Road (30 mph) and on Oneck Road north of Mill Road (30 mph).

newspaperThe Mayor advised the Board that since it has designated 3 newspapers as the “official newspaper” of the village, legal notices would have to be published in all three for such notice to meet legal requirements.  (NY Times, Newsday and Southampton Press).  The Trustees will consider reducing the number of official newspapers.

There was some discussion about relocating the venue for the ice skating rink from the marina to either the municipal parking lot on Mill Road, or Glover’s Park — the pitch of the park will certainly be a consideration.


The rink might not be a subject for a  Courier & Ives lithograph, but it could chase away the cabin fever when winter sets in.  DPW Superintendent, John Kearns, remarked that he had a workable substitute for a Zamboniand while Apolo Ohno might disagree, Ohno retired last year and can take things slower.

The Trustees agreed to ruminate on these matters until the Board Meeting on October 2nd.

A motion was made to enter executive session for the purposes of discussing litigation and police personnel matters.  The public portion of the meeting was over until the conclusion of the executive session which took place at  9:20 p.m. when the meeting was adjourned.

By:  Progress for WHB