NYCOM Conference

By:  Progress for WHB

NYCOM and the Office of the State Comptroller collaborate each year to create a program known as the Fall Training School.  Approximately 400 city and village officials from across the state gather together to attend a variety of innovative training sessions specializing in municipal law, government operations, and local finance issues.

Mayor Moore was in Washington D.C. to attend her niece’s wedding this past weekend but left early on Sunday morning to get to the conference.  Deputy Mayor Palmer drove the 6 hours to the conference which is held in Lake Placid.  We need to lobby NYCOM and the State Comptroller for an off season conference to be held here in WHB! 

You only need to look at  New York Conference of Mayors – 2014 Fall Training School Tentative Agenda  to know that only a lawyer and an accountant could find this stuff exciting.  Hope its a thrill a minute Charlie and Maria!