A New Police Chief, Part III

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By:  Progress for Westhampton Beach

On Tuesday, July 8th, the day after taking the oath of office, our new mayor wrote here that there would be no precipitous action taken to fill the post of chief of police that became vacant upon the retirement of the prior police chief.

The interlude between the prior chief and the next chief has been used by the Board of Trustees to evaluate the proper course of action.  This time has been a luxury provided by the continued good services of Lt. Trevor Gonce.

Lt. Gonce should be commended for his hard work.  He is a conscientious and dedicated officer, qualities that are appreciated today and will serve him and the village well in the future.

The Mayor has submitted a report that details the variety of considerations the Board reviewed in reaching the next step for police protection in our village.

Today,  December 11th

The Art of the Possible1)“Politics is the art of the possible.”  Otto Von Bismark, August 11, 1867.

At Special Meeting called by the Mayor, and upon the motion of Mayor Moore, seconded by Deputy Mayor Palmer, followed by a roll call vote, the Trustees unanimously resolved to appoint Lt. Trevor Gonce as Provisional Police Chief, effective today, pending the administration and results of a promotional exam to be given by the Suffolk County Department of Civil Service.  As Provisional Police Chief, Lt. Gonce’s salary will be increased by $10,000.

There is an important additional element the Trustees have added to this course of action.  This additional element affords the village the greatest flexibility and the department the greatest opportunity for growth.

The Board of Trustees expects to create the position of Commissioner of Police to secure the services of an experienced law enforcement officer to provide additional insights and guidance for the department as it seeks to obtain accreditation.  The Commissioner will be appointed after the creation of the Commissioner’s position by local law.  The salary for the position of Commissioner of Police will not be more than 5% above the salary of Provisional Police Chief.  This will result in an overall savings for the village.

The Westhampton Beach Police Department has a long and storied history and some in the village credit the previous chief with imposing order and discipline within the ranks that had long been absent in the late eighties and into the nineties.  The appointment of Lt. Trevor Gonce as Provisional Police Chief marks a next step in the growth of the department.  Provisional Chief Gonce will bring important local knowledge to the leadership table while the Commissioner of Police will bring valuable new insights that have not ever been available in our small village department.

Now is the time for Provisional Chief Gonce to have the complete support of the officers in the department, the entire Board of Trustees, and the community as today he officially undertakes the duties as Provisional Police Chief.

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1. “Politics is the art of the possible.”  Otto Von Bismark, August 11, 1867.