As you can imagine, the Progress For WHB Party is exhilarated by the strong support in our village for Maria.

We also would like to note that Charlie Palmer received  the highest vote count on the trustee line, albeit in an otherwise uncontested race.

Charlie gave generously of his time regularly going door to door with Maria throughout the campaign.   He has weathered ridicule for his reputation for thrift, and endured personal attacks based only on innuendo.  These false attacks seem to have been a failed attempt to change the narrative of this campaign.

Maria’s election is the product of lots of work by many people each contributing in their own way, none could have done it alone.  We did it as a team.

Some thought there was no campaign opposing the incumbent mayor until the owner of the the Corner restaurant put up his signs.  What they didn’t know was that Maria and Charlie had already visited nearly every voting household in the village.

In the end, it is Maria who is the principle architect of her success.  She offered to serve after having accumulated years of experience as an attorney, as a parent, and as a resident of our village.  Maria’s greatest job qualification is her compassion and concern for every person she meets.  To meet Maria is to love her.

I met Maria 30 years ago at a law school barbecue, so I know.  A few years back another “Tom” Maria and I know dubbed me “Lucky Tom.” Nothing could be more true.  I am glad to share Maria with you as our next mayor– You’ll be lucky too.

Tom Moore