ERUV Litigation Report, Part II

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By:  Progress for Westhampton Beach

A stipulation ending the case by Verizon and LIPA against the Town of Southampton is now a matter of court record and remains to be has now been So Ordered by the presiding federal magistrate. This  federal case continues against the Village of Quogue and the Village of Westhampton Beach.

The other federal case which was commenced by the Plaintiffs: EAST END ERUV ASSOCIATION, INC., MARVIN TENZER, MORRIS TUCHMAN, CLINTON GREENBAUM, ALAN H. SCHECHTER, CAROL SCHECHTER, JEFFREY LEAN, ALEXA LEAN, DEBORAH POLLACK and SIMCHA POLLACK remains to be officially discontinued as against the Town of Southampton.  This settlement with Court Ordered dismissal may still be awaiting the signature of all of the individual Plaintiff’s in this action, most of whom were not signatories to the other stipulation filed earlier this month.

The Village of Westhampton Beach and the Village of Quogue continue to evaluate both of the federal cases.

Eruv Litigation Report

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By:  Progress for Westhampton Beach

In response to requests from concerned residents, the Board of Trustees requested that Brian Sokoloff, Esq. (the Village’s attorney on the Eruv litigation) give an update directly to village residents on the status of the federal litigation.    Mr. Sokoloff was appointed to represent the Village in this matter by its insurance carrier, and has been paid throughout the litigation by the Village’s insurance carrier.  This litigation began in January of 2011 and concerns events alleged to have occurred in the Village between 2008 and the commencement of the lawsuit in January of 2011.

Yesterday, September 8, 2015, a settlement agreement between  the Town of Southampton and  some of the plaintiffs in the two federal cases was filed in federal district court.  A copy of that stipulation of settlement is here.  Neither the Village of Quogue nor the Village of Westhampton Beach has joined in that settlement.

The Trustees of the Village of Westhampton Beach are continuing to review all appropriate courses of action that will protect the rights of all residents.  No settlement has been authorized at this time and the case remains subject to thorough review by counsel and the Board of Trustees.

Sewers, Part III

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By:  Progress for Westhampton Beach

On September 3, 2015 the Board of Trustees adopted a resolution to authorize the advertisement for civil engineers to provide the professional services needed to prepare a map and plan for a sewer district.

Once this beauty contest is over and a firm is selected, then the next phase will be the preparation of a plan that includes options our community can consider to best meet the requirements of the village.

This is one public works project that won’t sneak up on anyone. There will be plenty of opportunity for residents to be heard as we all become more informed of both the costs and the benefits of addressing the requirements for our village infrastructure.

On a related note, the village’s reconstituted Conservation Advisory Council held its first meeting on Friday morning.  Hopefully this council will be instrumental in working together with the Trustees, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals as the village begins to address those matters affecting water quality as well as other environmental concerns.

more on the September Board of Trustees’ meeting to follow.