Sewers Part II

By:  Progress for Westhampton Beach

Sewers Part I being here.

As residents know, Mayor Moore made application to the Suffolk County Sewer Agency for the reservation of all available water treatment capacity at Gabreski for use by the village; that application was approved this month.

Earlier this year the Southampton Press provided important information about revenues for the  Community Preservation Fund (the 2% Transfer Tax collected from buyers of real property); and this week reported that an amendment to Community Preservation Fund is in the Works.  See page A5 or here on 27east.

The amendment to the CPF Legislation that is to be presented to Gov. Cuomo later this year will, if ultimately approved, provide funding for wastewater treatment facilities.  This amendment also expressly includes available funding for a pump-out station for the marina .

There is an important proviso in the amendment to this law. Funding for water quality improvement projects is to be restricted to those projects that improve existing water quality, but are not dedicated to new growth.  This should be a relief to those who have a justifiable concern that accessing or building a wastewater treatment plant is merely a pathway for more residential development that reduces the quality of life on the East End. Proposed Changes to CPF Law here with highlights.

It should also be noted that funding is not restricted to wastewater treatment projects, but all projects that can improve our water quality.  This includes implementation of new technology to address stormwater runoff as well.

There are important changes on the horizon for our village.  We have the right Mayor, the right Board of Trustees at the right time, and with support from the Conservation Advisory Council, the Board of Trustees should be able to advance this important work for our village.

No Shoes Today…

By:  Progress for Westhampton Beach

The quote “A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.”  is often incorrectly ascribed to Mark Twain. How ironic.  There is a lot of truth to the quote if not the attribution.
Set-of-Womens-High-heeled-shoes-vector-01Sometimes it doesn’t pay to even put on the shoes.  Just let the lies trip over themselves, they always do.

Dog Days…

By:  Progress for Westhampton Beach

The Dog Days of summer have arrived with weather prognostications daily reporting the threat of scattered thunderstorms.  The storms seem to be scattered somewhere else.

That is good for Monday Night Movies on the Great Lawn which are now a regular draw.  Last night the movie was Ghostbusters with Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Sigourney Weaver in the comedic hunt for the paranormal.

With sunset at 8:17 p.m. and the grass on the Great Lawn as dry as a Fuller Brush, village residents and friends settled into lawn chairs for the fifth straight Monday Night Movie.  Some came with Tonino’s Pizza for a late supper, others headed down Main Street for dessert after the movie.  Next week, weather permitting, the movie will be Raiders of the Lost Ark.

As for today, we will be looking for the “stray” thunderstorm.

Westher 7-28-15

Better odds are to find an ocean breeze to keep cool.